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version: 1.5.x.x (chai)
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Language Documentation
  • API referencenew!!
       (class libraries and more)
  • language specification
       (all about the language)
  • examples
       (grouped by category)
  • github: chuck | chugins
       (source repositories for developers)

  • Learn ChucK now
  • "Creating Electronic Music with Chuck"
       (video tutorial series by Clint Hoagland)new!!
  • tutorials & resources
       (includes install or build + command-line options)
  • a mooc and a book on ChucK
       (learning is fun!)
  • Artful Design | excerpt
       (the design philosophy of tools like ChucK)
  • read ChucK article | thesis
       (design, impl, applications)

  • More Ways to ChucK
  • WebChucK | IDEnew!!
       (ChucK running natively in browsers)
  • ChAI (ChucK for AI) — new!!
       (AI tools for interactive systems)
  • Unit Analyzers
       (audio analysis tools)
  • Chunity (ChucK in Unity)
       (audiovisual programming)
  • FaucK (FAUST in ChucK)
       (hybriding the best of two worlds)
  • ChucKDesigner (ChucK in TouchDesigner)
       (strongly-time audio => visual programming)
  • chuck~ (in PD & Max/MSP)
       (text-based + graphic patching; early development)
  • Chunreal (early development)
       (ChucK in Unreal Engine)

  • More Stuff
  • ThanKs to...
  • publications (and more)
  • download page
  • bugs (report or request)

  • chuck | ccrma | soundlab