ChuGL Basic Classes

Basic classes for ChuGL: strongly-timed audiovisual programming in ChucK.

Graphics Generators

Graphics generators (GGens) that can be composed together in a scene graph.

ChuGL Geometries

ChuGL geometries contain vertex data such as positions, normals, and UV coordinates.

ChuGL Materials

ChuGL materials describe appearance of geometries, including color and shading properties.

ChuGL Textures

Textures can be loaded from file, created dynamically from data; they are passed into materials and mapped onto 2D and 3D surfaces.

ChuGL Post Processing FX

Post Processing FX are applied to the final output of the scene, GG.fx()


API methods for creating widgets such as buttons, sliders, dropdowns, etc. Use widgets to control parameter values during runtime. Great for experimentation and fine-tuning values. Also usable for building application user-interfaces.