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Mailing Lists:
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  • chuck (archive):

    the central, low-traffic, moderated chuck list. intended for releases, updates, announcements, tutorials, and high-level, low-bandwidth discussions. recommended for anyone interested in chuck.

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  • chuck-users (archive):

    primary list for specific questions and discussions; specific programming questions should go here. a good resource for learning and using ChucK. not moderated. potentially bursty traffic.

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  • chuck-dev (archive):

    developer mailing list. issues related to developing, packaging, and distributing chucks. not moderated.

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  • audicle (archive):

    general audicle environment mailing list. unless/until additional audicle lists are sporked, everything audicle-specific should go here. not moderated.

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Online Forum:
  • chuck forum on
    chuck it out, give/get help, rant and rave, share code; companion to the mailing lists.

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  • chuck wiKi
    wiki home for code, sounds, bug reports, feature reports, etc.

  • miniAudicle wiKi
    wiki home for miniAudicle FAQ, comments, feature reports, bug reports, etc.

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